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Keeping your immune system well-balanced

Moderate exercise boosts the immune system. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

May 21, 2020

After several weeks of closure due to COVID-19, businesses are slowly starting to open back up bringing people out of their homes and in contact with one another. Although social distancing measures are put in place, the concern over contracting the virus still remains. An expert at UTHealth offers tips on ways to balance out the immune system to help minimize the risk of any illness during this worrying time.

Task force raises awareness of the importance childhood vaccinations

A young child receives a scheduled vaccination. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

May 21, 2020

A recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows the rate of children receiving regular vaccinations has dramatically decreased since the COVID-19 outbreak began. When compared to the same time period (mid-March through mid-April), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that physicians ordered nearly 2.5 million fewer doses of all routine non-influenza vaccines and 250,000 fewer doses of measles vaccinations.

Scheduling appointments during COVID-19

Photo of Carman Whiting, MD, primary care physician attending to a patient at UT Physicians Multispecialty-Sienna. (Photo credit: Melissa McDonald/UT Physicians)

May 12, 2020

The Stay Home, Work Safe order has been lifted across the state, but with so much uncertainty still lingering around COVID-19, many patients may be wary of attending their much-needed appointments, potentially putting themselves at risk for worsening their condition.

Scientists and neurosurgeon team up to develop novel imaging device for babies with brain disorders

Photo of Manish N. Shah, MD, holding the patient while the Cap-based Transcranial Optical Tomography captures whole-brain imaging in minutes. (Photo credit: Manish N. Shah, MD)

May 5, 2020

Using night-vision goggle technology, near-infrared light, and high-resolution detectors, a wearable imaging device for awake infants with brain disorders was developed by a team of scientists and a pediatric neurosurgeon at UTHealth. Cap-based Transcranial Optical Tomography (CTOT), which utilizes a cap for the baby’s head, is the first high-resolution, whole-brain functional imaging device that does not require the baby to be put under anesthesia.

Care in the time of COVID-19

Cheryl Yetz and her two working dogs, Candy and Trudie. (Photo provided by Cheryl Yetz)

May 1, 2020

For everyone, the news of COVID-19 seemed unreal and scary. For Cheryl Yetz, it was very real and a threat to her health. With diagnosed lupus and diabetes, Yetz knew just how high-risk she was for severe illness if she contracted the virus.

UT Physicians extended and weekend hours now available

Pouran Yousefi, MD, examines a patient. Photo taken before current mask protocols. (Photo by UT Physicians Marketing & Communications)

May 1, 2020

As we approach two full months of emphasizing social distancing, we know many of you need to be seen for annual check-ups, vaccinations or health concerns you may be experiencing. We are listening. In response, UT Physicians has extended its hours to provide evening options Monday-Friday and Saturday appointments for new and established patients at our community-based clinics.

The search for IgG: What you need to know about antibody testing

Photo of physician conducting antibody research, as researchers say antibody testing will play an important role in navigating decisions on reopening the country safely. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

April 28, 2020

As officials consider how to reopen the country safely, researchers say antibody testing will play an important role in navigating those future decisions. But not all antibody tests are created equal, and the presence of antibodies doesn’t necessarily equate to COVID-19 immunity.

Experts at UTHealth successfully treat severe case of COVID-19 in 3-week-old infant

A mother and her baby. Photo by Getty Images.

April 27, 2020

In one of the first reported cases of its kind, a 3-week-old infant in critical condition recovered from COVID-19 due to rapid recognition and treatment by physicians from McGovern Medical School at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). The case was published April 22 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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