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The Elections Committee maintains the Council membership and advises the UCSC Chair of any changes to the roster. 

The Committee will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining and updating the UCSC roster
  • Recording attendance of each member
  • Removing and replacing UCSC members on the active roster

During the elections cycle, which begins in the summer, the Committee will recruit nominations and help conduct “Meet and Greet Your Candidates” sessions at each operating unit. 

In addition, this Committee plans and organizes the annual UCSC Retreat, which is typically held in August for new, current, and departing members. The retreat is a large-scale event requiring teamwork to organize the event, which may include preparing the agenda, securing the venue, planning meals, and putting together packet materials. 

Time commitment: There is a moderate time commitment that increases during the elections cycle and retreat planning.

Additional information regarding the Election Committee and membership requirements can be found in the UCSC Bylaws.