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Staff Recognition

The Staff Recognition Committee works as a team to find ways to recognize deserving classified staff. One such way has been organizing a workshop, typically held in the summer, that is open for all classified staff to attend. This event usually features speakers and training sessions that may give the attendees tools to grow personally and in their career with the university.

 The Committee will be responsible for:

  • Explore ways to recognize classified staff while encouraging them to succeed 
  • Organizing and planning an in-person or virtual workshop, which may include planning meals, scheduling the venue, and securing vendors and give-away items
  • Determining a theme and selecting topics and speakers that coincide with the theme
  • Recruiting inspiring speakers and planning fun activities for the event
  • Coordinating set-up and tear-down for the event

The retreat is a large-scale event requiring teamwork to organize, which may include preparing the agenda, securing the venue, planning meals, and putting together packet materials. 

Time commitment: There is a moderate time commitment that begins in early spring and continues to increase as the date of the workshop nears.

Additional information regarding the Staff Recognition Committee and membership requirements can be found in the UCSC Bylaws

If you would like to submit a topic or suggest a speaker for one of the talks at the workshop, please submit it here.