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Our allied health professionals provide clinical expertise by supporting our providers and direct patient care staff. From Pharmacists to Medical Assistants, our employees strive to deliver the best patient care during each phase of a patient’s plan of care. 

Some positions include:

Psychometrist I/II (Psychometrician)

Under general supervision, administers cognitive, psychological, and academic test to patients.


Operation of the heart-lung machine during surgery and the operation of special mechanical devises to assist in the conversion of blood and blood products during surgery.

WIC Clinic Manager

Supervises the overall productivity of the clinic and staff. Provides nutrition information and services to promote and maintain proper nutritional practices, health protection and care.

Medical Coders

Reviews, determines accuracy of and applies the correct coding conventions to patient charge encounters, procedural and surgical services, as defined through physician documentation, regulatory agencies and various third-party payers.

Dental Assistants

Perform routine tasks assisting the professional dental staff and students in the examination and prophylactic, therapeutic and surgical treatment of patients.

Medical Assistants

Functions as a member of the clinical team performing a supportive role in the delivery of patient care that is safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.


Provide pharmacy dispensing of products to patients after receiving appropriate clearance to ship products, dispense research drugs and meet all requirements under the Texas State Board of Pharmacy and UTHealth regulations including keeping accurate records of inventory.

Social Workers

Provide professional expertise involving medical and psychiatric social case services to interpret social and environmental factors relating to treatment and/or research.

Imaging Informatics Systems Analyst

Perform initial configuration and testing of RIS/PACS installations and be responsible for the daily operations of the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging’s informatics and RIS/PACS Systems.

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