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Graduate and Medical Student Awards

Graduate Student Brain Awareness Outreach Award

This award is open to all UTHealth doctoral students who have exhibited an exceptional interest and effort in brain awareness and neuroscience outreach activities.  Applicants must be in good academic standing and have completed their candidacy examination.

Year Recipient
2023 Pedram Honarpisheh and Fiona Smith
2021 Andrea Ancer-Leal
2020 Melissa Franch and Jamie Wright
2019 Samantha Debes
2018 Ryan Baumert
2017 Ndidi Uzor
2016 Curtis Neveu
2015 Charles Beaman
2014 Jonathan Flynn
2013 Heather Turner
2012 Sarah Baum

Distinguished Medical Student in the Neurosciences Award

Each year the UTHealth Neuroscience Research Center recognizes an outstanding fourth-year medical student for excellence in Neuroscience research while in medical school.  The student can be either MD or MD/PhD, but must show evidence of pursuing a career in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology, Psychiatry or other neuro-related field.  Selection criteria will include, but is not limited to, academic excellence, summer research and research during academic year, peer reviewed publications and participation in local and national meetings.

Year Recipient
2023 Michelle Chen and Alexa Ryder
2022 Avi Bukhbinder and Anam Haque
2021 Hannah Uhlig-Reche and Vijay Dharmaraj
2019 Sidish Venkataraman and Gregory Jones
2018 Cihan Kadipasaoglu and David Savage
2017 Jenny Riecke
2016 Henry Caplan
2015 Christopher Conner
2014 Alexander Frolov
2013 Jeremy Wetzel
2012 Audrey Nath