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Clinical Epilepsy Research Group

The goal of the Clinical Epilepsy Research Group is to strengthen, diversify, and promote clinical and translational research within the Texas Institute for Restorative Neurotechnologies and greater University of Texas System. The Clinical Epilepsy Research Group brings together the unique skill sets of research and clinical faculty in the areas of epilepsy, epilepsy morality, epilepsy surgery, epilepsy outcomes, population genetics, and cognitive neuroscience. Further, the Group has formed strong collaborations with computer scientists and leverages complex, multimodal epilepsy informatics infrastructures.

This expertise positions the Clinical Epilepsy Research Group to make new discoveries in pathological mechanisms of epilepsy mortality, establish evidence-based risk indices for clinical use, define preventative strategies, and develop new monitoring technologies using cutting-edge advancements in the field.

The Clinical Epilepsy Research Group is the administrative home of the NINDS supported Center for Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) Research. Directed by Dr. Samden Lhatoo, the CSR is a hub for SUDEP research, bringing together 14 national and international centers. Since its inception in 2014, the Center for SUDEP Research has described several putative biomarkers of SUDEP, including electroclinical and structural biomarkers. The next phase of SUDEP research will focus on preventative interventions, using what the consortium has learned through health and disease monitoring of epilepsy and neurology patients to drive the development of wearable technologies and clinical trials.

Clinical Epilepsy Research Labs:

Lhatoo Lab Pati Lab Mosher Lab Lacuey Lab