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Neuroinformatics Group

The Neuroinformatics Group designs, develops, maintains and continuously expands functionalities of digital infrastructure for a Learning Healthcare System (LHC) for epilepsy. The LHC integrates disparate healthcare activities to create continuous feedback loops of data to improve the quality and efficiency of epilepsy care.

Neuroinformatics Research Group Leadership

  • GQ Zhang, MS, Ph.D., Director – Neuroinformatics Group
  • Shiqiang Tao, Ph.D., Assistant Director – Clinical Informatics
  • Licong Cui, Ph.D., Assistant Director – Research Informatics

The Neuroinformatics Group supports the Informatics and Data Analytics Core (IDAC) of the NINDS supported Center for Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). The data ecosystem created by the group enables collaboration among the 14 SUDEP research centers and has made significant progress in epilepsy informatics, data visualization, and an ontology-driven approach to cross-cohort integration of data from multiple sites.

TIRN provides the infrastructure to leverage research networks, such as SUPEP, and adaptable IDAC technologies to advance research in three broad directions: 1) Neuro Data Analytics and Interfaces for Human-Data Interaction, 2) Disease-Specific Personalized Health Records, and 3) a State-Wide Research Network.

  • Neuro Data Analytics and Interfaces for Human-Data Interaction

    Development of new approaches for data analytics by capitalizing on the investment made in the IDAC epilepsy data ecosystem with novel data structures and formats, massively parallel computational pipelines, and transformative interfaces for human data interaction.

  • Disease-Specific Personalized Health Records

    Application of personalized health records as exemplified by epilepsy to other disease domains such as stroke, sleep medicine, and clinical research.

  • State-Wide Research Network

    Creation of an expansive data infrastructure for the proposed epilepsy mortality research network across the UT System.

Neuroinformatics Group Labs:

Zhang Lab Cui Lab