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Neurosurgery and Neural Interfaces Group

Epilepsy surgery is the single most effective treatment for intractable focal epilepsy, substantially improving morbidity and mortality, and is the focal point for the creation of the Neurosurgery and Neural Interfaces Group. In addition to outcomes research following epilepsy surgery, the Neurosurgery and Neural Interfaces Group has also developed a variety of tools to enable the study of cognitive operations via intracranial recordings using implanted and surface electrodes. The Neurosurgery and Neural Interfaces Group is leading efforts in the development of new approaches for neuromodulation, imaging techniques, and devices for neural recordings, including brain-computer interfaces.

UTHealth is equipped with a sophisticated suite of diagnostic tools to map seizure networks and neurological function. The technological strengths specific to the surgical aspects of the Group include the Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Program’s Stereo-electroencephalography (SEEG) program, access to Responsive Neural Stimulation (RNS – NeuroPace) for closed loop modulation of seizure networks, and expertise in a highly selective epilepsy surgery using Laser Interstitial ThermoTherapy.

Dr. John Seymour, a recent faculty recruit of TIRN, is the Principal Investigator of the Translational Biomimetic Bioelectronics Lab, housed in the Neurosurgery and Neural Interfaces Group. The Translational Biomimetic Bioelectronics Lab aims to invent and demonstrate new bioelectronics, including sensors, actuators, and wireless systems that improve outcomes. Dr. Seymour joined TIRN to address unmet needs in patients with epilepsy and other functional brain disorders. Currently, Dr. Seymour and his lab are designing novel electrical recording and stimulation devices using minimally invasive approaches, high channel counts and biomimetic interfaces with the goal of first in human testing of platform devices for recording neural activity at a variety of scales.

Neurosurgery and Neural Interfaces Labs:

Tandon Lab Seymour Lab Pati Lab Mosher Lab