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Video Standards

Videos produced by UTHealth Houston tell stories, educate, market, fundraise, and recruit for the university community and the public. A consistent visual presentation promotes UTHealth Houston as Texas’ resource for health care education, innovation, scientific discovery, and excellence in patient care.

These standards apply to professionally produced videos; they do not apply to short, live videos created through social media platforms. Please see UTHealth Houston social media standards for guidance.

Video Brand Standards Guide

This video guide advises on UTHealth Houston brand standards as applied to videos produced by and for our university. It also shows applied video brand assets and their proper usage.

Video holds viewer attention, enabling a stronger and deeper connection with the audience.

UTHealth Houston Multimedia Library

Video assets are available in the UTHealth Houston Multimedia Library using your university-issued credentials. Users outside of the university may request access by contacting the Office of Public Affairs.

These resources are available for all UTHealth Houston communications projects created to promote the university, including those created by UTHealth Houston students and employees, or approved projects hired out to a third-party vendor.

Video assets


Video bug

Lower thirds


Please contact the Office of Public Affairs with any questions about video assets or best practices.

University Policy

All UTHealth Houston students and employees must follow HOOP Policy 6, Photographic, Audio, and Visual Recording.

All students and patients featured in university-sponsored photography must fill out university media consent forms.

A notice of photography must be posted at any event or gathering where photography will take place. Here is recommended language:

  • Long version to be used in copy:
    Please be advised: Today’s event will be photographed and recorded for publicity purposes. If you do not want to be photographed or recorded, please alert the photographers and videographers before the event starts. Thank you.
  • Short version for on-site signage:
    Please be advised: Today’s event will be photographed and recorded for publicity purposes. Thank you.