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Web Standards

Web and mobile applications are some of the most widely used and highly visible communication vehicles at UTHealth Houston. Web standards are tools to professionally and consistently represent UTHealth Houston’s mission of excellence in health care, education, research, and community service.


Our university, schools, and clinics share vital information that is engaging and accessible to all.

Web Publishing at UTHealth Houston

UTHealth Houston web publishers and developers must follow university Web Standards . UTHealth Houston has adopted the WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards for use on all its websites and mobile applications.

All web content owned, funded, or operated by or for UTHealth Houston must be in support of the university’s core mission and may not be used for non-university purposes. Content cannot be for the personal or private gain of an individual or group of individuals promoting a private or commercial cause, except as permitted by other UTHealth Houston policies. UTHealth Houston web owners, authors, and publishers represent the institution and are responsible for the pages they publish, as well as the links they offer to other resources.

Domain Management

Domain names are the internet addresses used to find specific website destinations and other online services. As the gateway to UTHealth Houston’s online presence, domain names can be an important part of the university’s identity and marketing efforts. Official UTHealth Houston websites have domains that end in

UTHealth Houston has a comprehensive policy designed to:

  • Ensure users a high-quality online experience by preventing security breaches and damage to UTHealth Houston’s reputation
  • Facilitate management of subdomain names, which are a limited resource within the university
  • Provide a basis for resolving any dispute that may arise

For information on policies and procedures for custom domains and subdomains, visit Web Standards Domain Management .

Brand, Design, Development

University Web Services has comprehensive Web Standards covering required technical elements, roles and responsibilities, and other information. All web and mobile apps must also comply with UTHealth Houston’s brand standards for visual identity and editorial content.