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Branded signage conveys our identity, promotes brand awareness, communicates key messages and information, and helps people navigate to and identify our buildings. Wayfinding systems help our students, faculty, staff, and visitors find their way in and around our buildings.

Colors and Typography

UTHealth brand colors should be the only colors used in UTHealth signage. For information on matching colors in paint, vinyl, and other substrates, please contact the Office of Public Affairs.


All exterior and interior signage must use the UTHealth typefaces, Adobe Garamond and Univers, for consistency in appearance and to support our brand identity. Avenir is an acceptable alternate if Univers is unavailable. Type size should be consistent to established standards for existing signs. Slight variance may occur due to physical size constraint or other factors.


Exterior Signage

Exterior signage includes building identification, awnings, exterior doors, Texas Medical Center (TMC) monument pylon signs, and other supporting exterior building identification signage. All exterior branded building identification and wayfinding signage must be initiated, planned, and executed with the Office of Facilities, Planning, and Engineering, with additional approvals from the Office of Public Affairs. When purchasing or ordering signage, all procurement guidelines must be followed.

Interior Signage and Facility Wayfinding

Each UTHealth facility has an established wayfinding system in place. There is consistency among the systems in that university typefaces and colors are always used, but it is customized for each school and building. Specifications and artwork can be attained from the Office of Facilities, Planning, and Engineering and from Management Services Directors at each school. When purchasing or ordering signage, all procurement guidelines must be carefully followed.

Every interior wayfinding sign must be ADA-compliant, including Braille application. For more information, contact the Office of Facilities, Planning, and Engineering.

UTHealth signage exists to promote brand identity; attract, engage, and inform our constituents and visitors; and increase interest, traffic, and brand awareness.

Additional Signage

The UTHealth logo may be used in interior signage to further identify and brand our facilities and areas. The logo may not be altered or changed in any way. Names of offices, departments, clinics, and labs should use UTHealth typefaces, sized at established standards. For assistance with interior signage, contact the Office of Public Affairs.

Signage Strategy and Planning Process

Approved Signage Vendors

NEC – Exterior, interior
1122 Lauder Road
Houston, TX 77039

GraphTec – Exterior, interior
6209 Windfern Road
Houston, TX 77040

Thomas Printworks – Interior, vinyl
4235 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX 77027

Xtickers – Interior, vinyl
3806 S. Shepherd Drive
Houston, TX 77098

Signarama – interior, vinyl, specialty
519 Durham Drive
Houston, TX 77007

Other vendors may be added. Use of Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) vendors is encouraged. The Office of Facilities, Planning, and Engineering and the HUB and Small Business Program within the UTHealth Office of Procurement should be contacted for a vetted, up-to-date list of HUB signage vendors.