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Grants 101 Home

Grants 101 provides an overview of the process of preparing and submitting a grant application from UTHealth.  The goal is to provide an overview of the grants process including what is necessary to submit a grant through UTHealth and the process by which the grant is processed and reviewed by funding agencies after it leaves the institution.

Topics include:

  • Necessary UTHealth reviews and approvals and an explanation of the items on our institutional review and approval form
  • Grants management, contracts, and subcontracts
  • Safety and compliance issues including Environmental Health and Safety, Human Subjects Research, Animal Research
  • Technology Transfer, Data Ownership, and Research Conflicts of Interest
  • Identifying sources of research funding
  • General process of review of applications by funding agencies

These sessions are open to anyone who would like to attend but are designed primarily for junior investigators who have not previously submitted proposals as a principal investigator and for administrative support staff (e.g., DMO’s, administrative assistants, department clerks, etc.) who assist faculty members with grant preparation and submission.

Attendance is a pre-requisite for faculty members who wish to participate in Grants 102.