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Office of Technology Management


Office of Technology Management
University Center Tower (UCT)
7000 Fannin Street, Suite 1400
Houston, Texas 77030
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Latest Technologies

Directional and Scalable (DISC) Electrode Array

­Overview. A directional and scalable (DISC) electrode array has been developed and tested to provide improved performance while overcoming limitations seen in conventional neural sensors. The array design proposed here is an improvement on the state-of-the-art electroencephalogram (sEEG) by enabling the recording of spatially distinct local field potentials (LFP). This is achieved by radially positioning of electrodes around the array using advanced manufacturing techniques. The device demonstrates superior performance in terms of signal-to-noise (SNR), directional sensitivity, and deco...

Antifungal Small Peptides

­Described are methods and compositions that provide for the production and use of generating synthetic or recombinant peptides having antifungal properties.    UTHealth Ref. No.: 2021-0018 Inventors: Dr. Danielle Garsin and Dr. Michael Lorenz Intellectual Property Status: U.S. provisional patent application filed; Available for licensing Associated Publications:  Nature Communications volume 13, Article number: 6047 (2022). DOI: Garsin and Lorenz labs discover novel therapy for fung...

Method for Matrix Computation with Homomorphic Encryption

­Researchers have developed a general method based on homomorphic encryption for performing computations on sensitive data while guaranteeing privacy. More specifically, this secure matrix operation framework can protect data privacy or trade secret that have a sensitive nature, and have potential applications in Healthcare IT and Financial Section. Background Homomorphic encryption is a powerful method that allows computations to be performed on data without decrypting it and without access to a private key. Typically, sensitive information (such as genomic data) is stored in an encryp...

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