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Latest Technologies

Novel Fendiline Derivatives for the Treatment of KRAS Mutant Tumors

Novel Compounds and Methods of Use for the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer via Inhibition of the K-Ras Pathway Background: The Ras protein family members belong to a class of proteins called small GTPases and when activated by incoming signals, it subsequently switches on other genes involved in cell growth, differentiation, and survival. As a result, mutations in the ras genes can lead to production of permanently activated Ras proteins and ultimately lead to cancer. Localization of K-ras to the plasma membrane is required for the activation of downstream effector pathways. Fe...

Systems and methods for network based neurostimulation of cognitive processes

Summary Cognitive processes are brain operations that allow us to perform complex functions that are the very essence of being human—examples include but are not limited to memory, language, control over emotions, resolving conflicting information, reading, making decisions, puzzle solving etc. These functions are subject to various disorders produced by brain injury, aging, and to mental health disorders that primarily affect learning, memory, perception, and problem solving, and include amnesia, dementia, and delirium. Additionally psychiatric conditions like anxiety disorders, mood d...

Cuff-less pharyngeal airway management device with oral mouthpiece seal

BackgroundConventional airway management devices used during general anesthesia for a surgical procedure or for emergency airway access include an inflatable cuff which seals the tube within the trachea. This ensures that air can reach the patient’s lungs and that the lungs do not aspirate contents from the patient’s stomach. However, the inflated cuff can place excessive pressure on the patient’s adjacent tissues and cause tissue damage.Laryngeal mask airways (LMAs) utilize an elliptical mask at the end of a tube which forms a seal on top of the glottis, avoiding damage to t...

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