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Latest Technologies

Method of Attenuation and Repair of Brain Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

BackgroundACZ is a reversible carbonic anhydrase enzyme inhibitor. This now generic medication has a good safety and tolerability profile, and is known to transiently enhance cerebral perfusion. Enhancing perfusion might improve tissue integrity within areas previously injured.  Technology Overview- Patients tolerated doses of ACZ up to 4000 mg daily with tolerable side effects.- Cerebral blow flow (CBF) of healthy controls returned to near baseline within 60 min.- Increased CBF in MS patients remained present for up to 180 min.- Pair-wise analysis showed significant increase in CBF at 20...

Zeta Needle For Improved Maneuverability and Penetration

Limited tool reach and maneuverability in laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures can present short term difficulties during an operation, as well as long term ergonomic issues for the surgeon.  A designer Zeta needle can bring fine 360 degree maneuverability and increased tissue penetration to such procedures. This is achieved using a needle that is bent into a potential energy- retaining conformation within an inner and outer housing. The housings can prevent needle deflection from needle-tissue interactions which can occur with flexible steerable needles.  This device can also be c...

Adaptive and Patient-Specific Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy for Improved Imaging

BackgroundMRI pulse sequences are typically optimized by vendors based on population averages of patient attributes. The same scan parameters are subsequently used to scan all patients, without accounting for variations between the patients. This approach produces suboptimal image quality. Drs. Gabr and Narayana have developed a system and methods to perform magnetic resonance examination in an adaptive and patient-specific fashion to obtain the desired image contrast in every exam. Technology OverviewPotential Advantages- Improved image contrast- Allows image quality inspection almost in...

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