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Why Select UTEAP?

Our goal is to partner with our customers in retaining their valued employees and to maintain a healthy and productive workforce. UTEAP will partner with you to exceed your expectations for service and attention.

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A Dependable EAP Provider

UTEAP offers more than counseling services. Our focus is on employee and organizational well-being. We know the unique need of our Texas communities and we can provide a more personalized experience for your employees, managers, and family members. Even with the most sophisticated promotional program, many of your employees will not always reach out for counseling but our goal is to offer more than counseling. Some employees do not know that the EAP can assist them in developing new skills to manage stress, get along with co-workers or effectively resolve conflict. Although our counseling services provide exceptional and effective resources to those who call for help, UTEAP provides avenues for those employees who may not have a need for personal or family counseling, but instead have a life issue and need guidance or coaching. Our mission is to find opportunities to reach out to all employees about ways to be successful in their personal and professional lives. Our strategy is multi-focused:

As you begin working with our team, you will discover that the above are just a few of the reasons UTEAP quickly becomes a valued resource for you as an employer and for your employee families.

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