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Physical Wellbeing

What does it mean to “be healthy”? We think health is more than just the number on the scale. It’s not about how your body looks, but how you feel in your body. True health means living life and enjoying it.

Please Note: the content and resources listed below are intended for informational or educational purposes only, it should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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Physical Wellbeing Resources

Decision Points combine medical information with your personal values to help you make a wise health decision.
This interactive tool estimates your risk of weight-related diseases by using your body mass index (BMI) along with your waist measurement and other factors.
What you do consistently matters more than what you do now and then.
Good fitness and nutrition can help with your health and quality of life.
Find tools and information to help make health decisions, identify symptoms, preventative care and more.
There is so much to know about the woman's body. And as your body changes with time, you are bound to have questions you never thought of before.
Men have a lot of unique health issues. Our topics can teach you about everything from hair loss to specific issues that impact men.
What does it take to feel good, look great, and have the energy you need? To start, you've got to be healthy.

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Help is Available

Each counselor can help you with numerous issues or concerns. Call us at 713-500-3327 or complete our Contact Form. Below are some common reasons to contact UTEAP:

Depression and Anxiety
Relationship and Parenting Issues
Parenting & Family Concerns
Feeling Overwhelmed
Balancing School, Work, Home Life
Adjusting to College Student Life
Abuse or Drug/Alcohol Problems
Study Tips/Getting Organized

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