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employee assistance program helps with personal issues

Legal & Financial Resources

Through the EAP, you have access to a free 30-minute face to face or telephonic consultation per issue with a network attorney. If you wish to retain the attorney after the initial consultation, you will receive a 25% discount on the attorney's normal hourly rates.

All employees are also entitled to a no-cost telephone consultation with one of our financial counselors. Typical matters include: credit counseling, debt and budgeting assistance, tax planning, retirement, and college planning questions.

To speak with our staff or to obtain a referral for legal/financial/worklife services, please call 713-500-3327 or 800-346-3549.

You can also complete an online form.  You can expect to receive a return call from our office within one business day.

How can UTEAP help me?

We can help you find answers to many legal and financial questions. Below are some scenarios where we can be of assistance:

Financial & Legal Questions

  • I am so far in debt since the pandemic. Should I get another credit card to consolidate it all?
  • How can I get out of debt?
  • I am buying a new house and need advice on the best loan to take out.
  • I need help to find a good interest rate on the car I want to buy, but also wonder if I should get a new car right now?
  • I am going to rent out my house and need to know how to go about this.
  • My spouse and I need to write out our wills, especially since the pandemic hit us.
  • I need a lawyer. I am getting divorced.
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Help Yourself

As a UTEAP member you have access to legal, financial and identity theft professionals who can help resolve issues and concerns. Click on the button below to visit our website focusing on legal and financial matters.

Local attorneys and mediators
Legal library
Legal tools and forms
Financial articles
Financial calculators
A financial assessment
identity theft assistance
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