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employee assistance program helps with personal issues

UT Employee Assistance Programs

Are You In Crisis?

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911. If you urgently need to speak with a Counselor, please call 713-500-3327 or 800-346-3549 or click below to fill out our contact form.

National Suicide Crisis call or chat 988

Reach Out Now

Welcome to your Employee Assistance Program! Through the Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, you and your family members can access convenient and confidential services at no cost to you. The EAP offers a variety of services including counseling consultation services with a licensed mental health professional, legal and financial resources, and worklife referrals.

To speak with our staff or to obtain a referral for legal/financial/worklife services, please call 713-500-3327 or 800-346-3549.

You can also complete an online form.  You can expect to receive a return call from our office within one business day.

How can UTEAP help me?

We can help you find answers to a host of life issues. Below are some scenarios where we can be of assistance:

Emotional Support & Guidance

  • I have lost several loved ones during the past two years and feel so sad and depressed.
  • I am drinking more than I used to since my parent passed-away. Can you help?
  • My loved one got diagnosed with dementia. What resources are out there that can help me locate resources?
  • I am worried about my teen who seems so lost and has no friends.
  • My teen keeps getting in trouble in school and is about to get suspended.
  • My partner and I are not communicating much anymore and I don’t feel connected. What should I do?
  • I have so much to worry about and need to talk about it.


  • I am so far in debt since the pandemic. Should I get another credit card to consolidate it all?
  • How can I get out of debt?
  • I am buying a new house and need advice on the best loan to take out.
  • I need help to find a good interest rate on the car I want to buy, but also wonder if I should get a new car right now?
  • I am going to rent out my house and need to know how to go about this.
  • My spouse and I need to write out our wills, especially since the pandemic hit us.
  • I need a lawyer. I am getting divorced.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

  • I am buying a new house and am worried I am in over my head.
  • I have no energy and struggle to feel happy anymore.
  • I need a counselor because work is overwhelming.
  • I am so scared of getting COVID that I cannot leave my house.
  • I just got a promotion and now wonder if I can really do the job. I don’t want to make mistakes and want to stop feeling so worried.
  • My partner cheated on me. I worry it will happen again and don’t know if I can stay in the relationship.

Visit our website to explore these and many other tools

As a UTEAP member you have access to legal, financial and identity theft professionals who can help resolve issues and concerns. Click on the button below to visit our website focusing on legal and financial matters.

Find Support
Get help managing depression
Learn about mental health conditions
Take an assessment
Find suicide prevention resources
View national crisis resources
View financial and legal resources
Watch a webinar
Lets Go
Please call 713-500-3327 for username and password.

Information about UTEAP

To learn more about the variety of services offered by UTEAP, click on any of the links below to view some of our educational materials or review the UTEAP Employee Orientation. This brief presentation discusses the different services available to your and your family under the EAP. 

UTEAP Employee Brochure | Spanish UTEAP Employee Brochure

UTEAP Promotional Poster | Spanish UTEAP Promotional Poster

UTEAP Monthly Employee Newsletters

UTEAP Employee Orientation

External Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about the EAP

  • Who can access the EAP services?

    For most organizations, the EAP is available to you, the employee, your spouse, live-in partner, and eligible dependent children. This includes children up to the age of 26 who are eligible for coverage under your or your spouse's insurance plan. Please feel free to give us a call if you have questions about who can use EAP services.

  • How much does the EAP cost?

    There is no charge to you or your family members to use the EAP services. If a referral is made to a resource outside the EAP for specialized or extended services, there may be a charge.

  • Is the EAP confidential?

    Yes, all EAP services are private, not a part of your employment record and completely confidential for you and eligible family members. UTEAP will not release any information regarding your contact with the EAP without your written consent or as required by law.

  • What are the reasons or life issues that employees can contact the EAP?

    UTEAP provides counseling and consultative sessions for all types of life concerns. Some of the most common reasons that employees contact the EAP are:

    Depression or Anxiety
    Alcohol/Drug Problems
    Parenting & Family Concerns
    Couples & Relationship Issues
    Grief or Bereavement
    Anger Management
    Change & Life Transitions
    Workplace Stress/Conflicts
    Communication Skills
    Legal and Financial Concerns
    Childcare or Eldercare Issues

    In addition to calling to set an appointment for face-to-face services, many employees call to simply gather information about UTEAP or to have a specific question answered such as the following:  “I’m really having some problems with my teenage daughter.  It seems like every time we talk we end up yelling at each other.” “My mother is in need of in-home meal services. She refuses to allow me to set up the delivery, what can I say to her to encourage her to take advantage of the services?” “I have been feeling really depressed lately. I really don’t want an appointment; can I just talk with someone?”   Some other examples include “Can you help me with a family member who has an alcohol problem?” “ I have an aging mother who needs help with preparing food for herself. Can you help me find resources for her?” or “I have a teenage boy who does not want to go to school. Can I call and talk with a counselor about this?”  Emergency calls are triaged and clinical services are provided and arranged.

    Employees and their families are welcome to use our web site to access a wide range of services. Web based services are not meant to take the place of face-to-face assessment but they are particularly important as a way to reach employees that want to try solutions on their own, to those who communicate via the web or for employees or family members with physical or emotional handicapping conditions and those who lack adequate transportation.

  • How many EAP sessions do I have available?

    The number of sessions available will depend on the EAP model selected by your employer. Most organizations have between two and six sessions per issue. When you contact UTEAP to access services, our customer service representative will inform you of the number of EAP sessions available to you.
    Please note that sessions are on a per issue basis. If you or a family member have a separate problem during the same year, you can contact the EAP again to receive new sessions for this separate issue.

  • How do I schedule an appointment or request WorkLife services?

    Making an appointment is easy and confidential. Whether you need an appointment with a counselor, a legal referral, or want to take advantage of our WorkLife services, simply call our office at (800) 346-3549. Or click here to request an information online. One of our customer service representatives will contact you shortly.

    You can also browse our online resources by going to our WorkLife webpage. Click here to access the UTEAP WorkLife website

    Please call 713-500-3327 for username and password.

  • What Legal and Financial resources are available?

    Through the EAP, you have access to a free 30-minute face to face or telephonic consultation per issue with a network attorney. If you wish to retain the attorney after the initial consultation, you will receive a 25% discount on the attorney's normal hourly rates. Many online resources are also available, including an interactive Online Will Program that provides you with a resource to create your own state-specific Simple Will privately in an online, secure environment.

    All employees are also entitled to a no-cost telephone consultation with one of our financial counselors. Typical matters include credit counseling, debt and budgeting assistance, tax planning, retirement, and college planning questions.

    Click here to access the UTEAP WorkLife website and to visit our online legal and financial resources.

    Please call 713-500-3327 for username and password.

  • What are WorkLife services?

    Consultation and referrals for a wide range of WorkLife referrals are available through the EAP. We can help you find real solutions for child care, elder care, care for persons with disabilities, and other convenience and wellness issues. You can speak directly with one of our experienced counselors who will take the time to fully understand your concerns and explore care options with you.

    After you hang up, the WorkLife Counselor will begin researching your specific care needs, freeing you to focus on your family, work or other issues in your life. Within a few days, you'll receive a return call and a packet containing provider profiles of regulated care providers who have openings, when, where, and within the price range you specified, along with educational materials to help you and your family make informed decisions.

    There are also a variety of WorkLife resources available online. Click here to login to the UTEAP WorkLife website.

    Please call 713-500-3327 for username and password.

Common Issues

Listed below are some common issues that UTEAP can help you with. Call 800-346-3549 or email us today to find out how we can assist you achieve better work-life balance.

Depression or Anxiety
Alcohol/Drug Problems
Parenting & Family Concerns
Couples & Relationship Issues
Grief or Bereavement
Anger Management
Change & Life Transitions
Workplace Stress/Conflicts
Communication Skills
Legal and Financial Concerns
Childcare or Eldercare Issues

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