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Return of Unearned Military Tuition Assistance (TA) Funds Policy

Military Tuition Assistance is awarded to Service members under the assumption that they will complete the entire period of enrollment for which the assistance is awarded. When a Service member “officially” and/or “unofficially” withdraws (stops attending classes – last date of attendance will be the last date of activity within a course), they may no longer be eligible for the full amount of tuition assistance that they were originally scheduled to receive. Once the last date of attendance has been determined, the university will recalculate the Service member’s TA eligibility based on the following formula:

Number of Days Completed (term)/Total Days of the Term = Percent of TA earned

The amount of TA earned is determined on a prorated basis. For example, if a student completed 30% of the course, they earned 30% of the TA funds awarded. The remainder of the unearned funds (70%) would be returned to the TA program. Calculated unearned TA funds will be returned by the university to the Military Service and not to the Service member. The calculation of the return of funds may result in the Service member owing a balance to the university. This return of funds calculation aligns with the return of unearned student financial aid rules applicable to Federal Student Aid rules as required under HEA, Section 484B and 34CFR 668.22.

Service members who withdraw after the 60% point in the semester will have earned all Military TA funds.

Students receiving TA funds and contemplating a complete withdrawal from the university are asked to contact Student Financial Services at (713) 500-3860. Financial Aid Counselors will review the consequences of the withdrawal with the student. 

Please contact the Financial Aid  office for more information.