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Out in Front Reports

Out in Front – Healthy Aging
Within the pages of this issue, you will find stories about how the many faces of UTHealth are collaborating to care for our communities here and now and far into the future—from our patients who are living healthier and longer to our students who will continue to shape health care for generations to come.

Out in Front – Brain and Behavioral Health
The following stories illustrate how UTHealth is engaging scientists from across our schools and partners from across our community - working together on the frontier of brain and behavioral sciences. Better understanding the mechanics of the mind and body, developing innovative treatments, and educating the next leaders in health care keep us out in front of the diseases that touch our families, friends, and neighbors.

Out in Front – Heart Health
One of the most vital yet vulnerable organs in our bodies, the human heart, shares an inextricable link with every function of life through the cardiovascular system. It supplies crucial blood to every mechanism of the body but is itself dependent on the body’s overall health for its own survival. To understand the secrets of this all-important muscle is to gain powerful tools to save and improve lives.

Out in Front – Brain Health
The brain is nature’s most complex biological structure, but we are just beginning to understand how it works – and what happens when it does not. Brain illnesses and injuries are common and affect multiple areas of a person’s life including movement, thought, mood, body function, and behavior. We are susceptible to a myriad of brain-related disorders throughout every stage of life and even more so as we age.

Out in Front – Behavioral Health
“Mental health is probably the least-studied physical problem of the body. If we can figure out the brain, theoretically we could end people being on the streets with mental illness. We could end addiction. We could reduce the prison population and recidivism. We could end so many things. Mental health is the last frontier that has not yet been fully explored.”

J. Dickson Rogers
Trustee, John S. Dunn Foundation
Development Board Member, UTHealth

Out in Front – Women’s and Children’s Health
It begins before we are even born, and it carries us through some of our most precious yet vulnerable moments. Children’s health care makes a profound impact on every life – from genetic counseling for expectant mothers to medicine that soothes a hurting little child and instructional tools that address the educational and development needs of all children. That is why here at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), our commitment to the vital field of women’s and children’s health has never wavered – and never will.

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