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Events hosted by alumni allow graduates to connect with each other and the university in unique ways. UTHealth Office of Alumni Engagement offers Event-in-a-Box kits to help alumni easily host successful gatherings, ranging from mixers to virtual events. 

How can I host an event?

What is included in an Event-in-a-Box?

  • Nametags
  • Collateral (brochures, annual reports, etc.)
  • Giveaways (badge reels, pens, etc.)
  • Sign-in sheets

What is the role of the Office of Alumni Engagement?

To help make your event successful, our office can provide limited support, including:

  • Providing the host an Event-in-a-Box
  • Taking registrations
  • Helping with suggestions for guest list contacts, catering selections, and location selection
  • Ensuring the event is approved through the proper channels

Do events include a budget?

We are pleased to offer a budget for most events, which will be discussed after your application is approved.

What are the next steps after my event is approved?

  • Contacting your venue to reserve space and determine the price per person, or contacting a local caterer or restaurant for food or beverage options if hosting the event in your home
  • Working with the Office of Alumni Engagement to finalize the contract with your venue (if applicable) and coordinate logistics
  • Working with the Office of Alumni Engagement team to email local alumni and promote your event

What do I do when my event is one week away?

  • Send a reminder email to attendees about one week prior and either the day before or day of your event
  • If hosting an event at a venue, finalize event space and food and beverage options
  • If hosting an event in your home, finalize the menu with your caterer

What do I do the day of my event?

Congratulations on making it to your event day!

  • Don’t forget to put out nametags, a sign-in sheet, and giveaways
  • Greet and sign-in your guests
  • Take photos and share with the Office of Alumni Engagement
  • Enjoy meeting and reconnecting with fellow alumni

What do I do after my event is over?

  • Check in with the Office of Alumni Engagement to let us know how the event went
  • Send us receipts, sign-in sheets, and names of walk-ins or no-shows so we can maintain accurate records
  • Evaluate the success of the event to determine whether you should repeat it or how you can improve future events

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