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Development & Resources

Employees may have time to take advantage of professional development opportunities. Ask your employees about skills or competencies they would like to learn or enhance. This can help them grow in their current role or help them prepare for a possible growth opportunity.


LinkedIn Learning is the industry leader in on-demand training. You and your employees have access to over 15,000 courses and 150 learning paths. Now is an excellent time for your employees to take advantage of these professional development opportunities.


If you are new to managing a remote workforce, there are incredible resources available on LinkedIn Learning as well. Try a specific learning path or individual courses to help enhance your remote or hybrid team.

To help guide you in your discussion with your employees, attached is sample guide you may have them complete and discuss.

Download this form that you can provide to your employee. The tool may help them select courses that will help support their career objectives and goals

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  • 15:5 - Template : This document is a weekly summary of an employee’s work. It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and only 5 minutes to read.
  • Meeting Agenda Template: These can be very basic, but if you are managing a remote workforce, it is important to have an agenda and disperse before the meeting so everyone can come prepared.
  • Contact List : If your department does not have a current contact list, now is the time to create a new one. Some suggested fields to capture are below. If you’re starting from scratch, try utilizing Microsoft Forms of Google Forms for easy response collection.