The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) employs more than 10,000 individuals with varying work eligibility statuses.  The UTHealth Office of International Affairs (OIA) is the only department designated to advise, prepare, and submit any visa related application on behalf of UTHealth. 

Please click here to access the (OIA) web page for information and resources related to university employment. 

UTHealth Office of International Affairs

Physical AddressMailing AddressPhoneFaxEmail
7000 Fannin, Suite 130
Houston, Texas 77030
P.O. Box 20036
Houston, Texas 77225
(713) 500-3176 (713) 500-3189

Foreign Education
An evaluation conducted by an accredited foreign education evaluation agency must be provided for all education credentials obtained outside of the United States that are used to meet minimum education requirement for the position being considered. Any expense to obtain this will be the responsibility of the candidate.

Foreign Education Service Providers
The following companies have been identified as providing sufficient and acceptable foreign education evaluation services.

Note: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) does not endorse any of the below listed companies and they have been provided only as suggestions.


Educational Credentials Evaluators, Inc.

P.O.Box 92970

Milwaukee, WI 53202-0970


Phone:(414) 289-3400

Fax#: (414) 289-3411

Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.

International Education Consultants

7101 SW 102 Avenue

Miami, FL 33173


Phone:(305) 273-1616

Fax#: (305) 273-1338

Foreign Credentials Service of America

1910 Justin Lane

Austin, TX 78757-2411


Phone:(512) 459-8428

Fax#: (512) 459-4565

SpanTran Evaluation Services

2400 Augusta Dr., Suite 451

Houston, TX 77057

Phone:(713) 266-8805

GCE Southwest

Global Credential Evaluators, Inc.

P.O. Box 9203

College Station, TX 77842-9203


Phone:(800) 707-0979

International Phone: (301) 421-4581

Fax#: (409) 690-6342

World Education Services

P.O. Box 57206

Washington, DC 20037-7206


Phone:(202) 331-2925

or (800) 937-3897

Fax#: (202) 331-2927