Office of Academic Affairs and Student Success

Lab fee per class (course specific) $30.00
Alternative Instruction Delivery Fee
- SON for web courses delivered out of state (per semester credit hr) $765.00
- SON for courses taught via distance education (per semester credit hr) $80.00
Liability Insurance - Programs designated by the School of Nursing  Fall  $5.25
Spring $5.25
Summer $4.00 
Nurse Practitioner Liability Insurance Fall $27.00
Spring $27.00
Summer $18.00
Nursing Technology Resource Fee $166.00
Nursing Portfolio Fee $59.00
Nursing Supplemental Course Fees (course specific) $25.00-$505.00
Pre-Matriculation Program Planning Fee  (Seat Deposit) $200.00
This is a one-time seat deposit for all SON Students.  The deposit will be applied to tuition of the student enrolls.  The deposit will be nonrefundable if the student does not enroll. 
Application Fee $60.00