Office of Academic Affairs and Student Success

Audit Fee (per course) $25.00
Graduation $100.00
Information Technology Access Fee (per semester) $38.00
Installment Use Fee $20.00
Late Payment fee $50.00
Late Registration fee $25.00
Return Check/E-Check Fee $25.00
Credit Card Use Fee 2.50%
Health Insurance (per semester)* Pending New Rates
(Dental Hygiene and Dental Post Grad see Program Page)
Fall - $1,066.00
Spring - $1,319.00
Summer - $805.00
Student Record Fee per term $5.00
Evacuation/Repatriation Insurance *Pending New Rates
(Assessed to international students who do not elect to
carry the student Health Insurance Policy)
Fall - $32.00
Spring- $40.00
Summer - $24.00
Reinstatement Fee - assessed to student who want to re-enroll after being dropped for nonpayment on the 12th day of class. $200.00