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Who is required to report?

Reporting Responsibility

ALL EMPLOYEES are required to report promptly to the Title IX Coordinator incidents of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct that come to their attention.  Faculty, supervisors, administrators, university officials and Student Affairs Offices should limit their interactions with the complainant regarding the reported incident while referring him or her to the appropriate resources. All other members of the university community who witness or are aware of suspected incidents of sexual misconduct should immediately report the incident as outlined in this policy. Such reports will be documented in writing by the Title IX Coordinator.

Delays in reporting can greatly limit the university’s ability to stop the sexual misconduct, collect evidence, and/or take effective action against individuals or organizations accused of violating this policy.

Confidential Employees

Counseling services are provided by those employees who have a professional commitment and/or legal privilege that may enable them to oppose successfully an application for a court order seeking disclosure of communications. Confidential Employees include the licensed professional staff with the Employee Assistance Program (713-500-3327), Academic Ombuds (713-500-3457), and the UTHealth Student Health and Counseling Services (713-500-5171) when an employee/student seeks their professional help.