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Request to Participate in the UTHealth Houston Discount Program

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth Houston) has established a discount program where certain businesses are permitted to offer their products and services to UTHealth employees, residents, fellows and students (“university participants”) at a discounted rate or with an added value.

To participate in this program, an authorized agent of the business must agree to the below terms and complete the request form on the following page.

Questions concerning the UTHealth Houston discount program should be directed to the program manager at

UTHealth Houston Discount Program  -  Vendor Agreement

By accepting this agreement, the discount provider (provider) acknowledges reading the UTHealth Discount Program policy and agrees that:

  • The provider complies with the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System, the UT System and the UTHealth Houston policies, including but not limited to, the UTHealth Houston Discount Program policy, and federal, state, and local laws, including any licensing or certification requirements applicable to the provisions of a discounted product or service, as well as any applicable privacy laws.
  • The provider will not offer discounts to products or services such as cigarettes or other tobacco products, gambling services or venues, sexual services or adult entertainment, alcohol or firearms.
  • All discount offers made through the program are of an added value or actual discount on products or services.  Discount offers are extended equally to all employees, fellows, residents, and students of UTHealth Houston.
  • The provider will not disclaim knowledge of, or responsibility for, the authenticity or legality of the products or services offered.
  • The provider will not use UT System or UTHealth Houston logos or seals, or otherwise imply that participation in the program is an endorsement by UT System or UTHealth Houston.
  • The provider is not owned or controlled by UT System or UTHealth Houston, or their respective officers or employees.
  • The provider application and selection process does not include a formal or informal appeals process.
  • The provider will not post flyers or advertisements on UTHealth Houston property.
  • Vendors will be required to renew their application by September 1st of each year
  • Participation in the discount program as a discount service or product provider:
    • does not constitute or create a contract or an agency relationship between the provider and UT System or UTHealth Houston.
    • is separate and distinct from the provision of any services through a vendor contract with UTHealth Houston or UT System; and,
    • does not create any legal duty or liability on the part of UT System or UTHealth Houston for any actions of the provider.
  • UTHealth Houston may discontinue the discount program at any time or discontinue the provider’s participation in the program or the provider’s ability to offer a particular product or service without advance notice.
  • UTHealth Houston may remove the provider or a product or service from the program based on complaints from university participants, or for any other reason deemed to be in the best interest of UTHealth Houston and the university participants.

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