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UTHealth Discount Program

UTHealth Discount Program FAQs

UTHealth Discount Program FAQs

Q. I am a fellow, resident, or student.  Do I qualify for discounts under the discount program?

A. Yes, all employees, fellows, residents, and students of the university ("university participants") qualify for the discounts available under the discount program.

Q. A program vendor asked me to contact my discount program manager to receive printed coupon or website code from them in order to redeem their discount.  Who can provide the printed coupon or website code to me?

A. Please refer to the discount program website for the needed information.  All information about how to redeem the discounts offered by participating vendors is available on the discount program website. UT Counseling and WorkLife Services does not have any additional information about how to redeem a discount offered by the discount program.

Q. I am having a problem with a program vendor.  Can anyone help me resolve my issue with them?

A. Our policy states:  The university is not responsible for any disputes arising between a participating provider and a university participant as the result of an agreement or transaction entered into between such a provider and the university participant.  While our policy does not allow us to be involved in the resolution process, we do encourage you to continue to work with the vendor to resolve your issues and to write us about your experience .  Per the program policy, we also have the right to remove a provider from the program based on complaints from university participants or for any other reason deemed to be in the best interest of the university and the university participants.

Q. A vendor listed on the program website told me that they do not offer discounts to UTHealth employees, fellows, residents, and/or students.  Why is the discount program advertising an offer that does not exist?

A. Unfortunately, sometimes a vendor has discontinued their discount to university participants without informing us or a vendor has not communicated to their new employees (or all their employees) about the discount that they offer.  Please write us if you have this experience and we will contact the vendor to verify their participation in the discount program.  We will also follow up with you regarding the vendor’s status.

Q. What types of vendors can participate?

A. Any legitimate business that complies with the policies of UTHealth and the UT System, rules of the UT Board of Regents, and all federal, state, and local laws can apply to participate in the program. Vendors may not offer discounts to products or services such as cigarettes or other tobacco products, gambling services or venues, sexual services or adult entertainment, alcohol, or firearms.

Q. Can I sign up my family business?

A. Unfortunately, no.  Our policy states:  Discount service and product providers owned or controlled by the university or UT System, or their respective officers and employees, may not participate in the discount program.

Q. What if I know a business that does qualify?  How can they join the program?

A. Let them know that they can apply via the program website or notify the program manager and we will follow up with the vendor.

Q. How do I get the discount?

A. Most vendors will simply require you to show your UTHealth ID at the time of purchase.  For those that require a printed coupon or website code, this information can be found on the program website.

Q. Is the UTHealth discount the best available?

A. Not necessarily.  The UTHealth discount program provides a centralized list of participating vendors, however, there may be other vendors who offer greater discounts outside of the program.