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What We Do

BigMouth is your dedicated dental data repository. We simplify and centralize the storage of dental information/patient data, offering a secure platform for seamless collaboration and data exchange within the dental community. From practices to research institutions, we streamline access to essential dental data for enhanced efficiency and insights.

3 Key Capabilities for BigMouth's Dental Data Repository:

  1. Seamless Connection: BigMouth establishes robust connections within the dental community, creating a network that facilitates effortless data sharing and collaboration.
  2. Efficient Data Access: We prioritize efficient data access, enabling users to retrieve relevant information swiftly and securely, fostering streamlined workflows and informed decision-making.
  3. Dedicated Research Support Team: BigMouth is committed to your research success. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with study protocols, ensuring you have the right data for your research. Benefit from personalized guidance and support to maximize the value of your dental research initiatives.