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Research and Publications

BigMouth have been cited by the following academic publications: 

Select published research work

Research projects supported(Ongoing and Completed)

  • BM-DR1 and BM-DR2: Duong Tran(2012): Partial mouth periodontal examination protocol for estimation of prevalence and severity of periodontitis
  • BM-DR3: Ali Sajadi (2015): Clinical Accuracy of Pre-doctoral Periodontal Education in the US: An evaluation of the Generalist and Specialist Teaching Models on Periodontal Education.
  • BM-DR4: Duong Tran, Isabel Gay, Angel Rivera, Muhammad Walji (2015). Association between obesity and periodontitis: cross-sectional study on patients visiting universities' dental clinics in the United States.
  • BM-DR5: Britta Magnuson (2015). Comparing Amalgam Vs Composite usage in US dental schools.
  • BM-DR6: Britta Magnuson (2015). A Multi-Institutional Review of Age Associated Care.
  • BM-DR7: Oluwabunmi Tokede(2015): The Early Preventive Dental Visit
  • BM-DR8: Bradley Adams, Kenneth Aschheim (2016). Use of BigMouth data in Odontosearch database.
  • BM-DR9: Ed Pantzlaff, Sharon Aronovich(2017) : Assess general management trends and timelines with a special emphasis on bone grafting for patients with congenitally missing teeth
  • BM-DR10: Karen Komitas, Effie Ioannidou (2018): Age- and gender-associated differences in epidemiology of patients with chronic kidney disease and hemodialysis and their influence on outcomes of periodontal therapy.
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  • BM-DR31: Tamanna Tiwari(2023): Impact of Structural determinants on oral health inequities in Hispanic children
  • BM-DR32: So Ran Kwon(2023): Caries Risk Assessment and Management by Dental Institution: A Cross-Sectional Study using BigMouth Data