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Why should your institution join BigMouth?

  • BigMouth is an oral health database developed from partially de-identified electronic health record data contributed by 11 dental schools. Access to the database is provided by i2b2, an open source data warehousing tool.
  • BigMouth allows non-technical users to query data on 4.7 million patients
  • Data available - Demographics, Diagnosis, Procedures, Forms, Odontogram, Periodontal Charts, Medication, Insurance, Practice and Provider
  • Over 720 members have accessed the i2b2 Workbench/ BigMouth front end with over 23,000 queries on the database. 
  • Several of these projects were successfully published and posters presented at national and international conferences. 
  • Data from the BigMouth data repository was used for some unique research subjects like the OdontoSearch that is a tool used by forensic odontologists to statistically determine the frequency that specific dental patterns would be expected to occur in a population.

For inquiries and more information to join about BigMouth, please contact the BigMouth support team at (

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