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Procuring Accessible IT

What is "Accessibility" and "EIR"?

  • According to the State of Texas Department of Information Resources, "Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) accessibility means providing electronic information and services through multiple ways that communication is not contingent on a single sense or ability."
  • Creating, utilizing and procuring accessible EIRs allows those with disabilities to access information that everyone else can access.

Why do we need Accessibility?

  • It's the law.  UTHealth is responsible for ensuring EIRs procured or developed by the university meet federal, state and university accessibility requirements, or that approved EIR Exception Request Forms are on file.
  • UTHealth accessibility compliance and compliance testing rest with the vendors supplying procured EIRs, and with university EIR owners    and/or the university site administrators of official university websites developed by UTHealth.
  •  IT Risk and Compliance is available and willing to assist system owners and  departments complete required accessibility documentation for procured and developed EIRs. 

Who do I contact with questions about Accessibility?

  • Procurement of Accessible EIRs:  Departments procuring EIRs need to contact the EIR Accessibility Coordinator at to complete a seven-step process to procure accessible EIRs. 
  • Development of Accessible EIRs:  Departments developing websites and web applications need to develop those products in accordance with State Accessibility Rules.  The UTHealth Web Communications Team monitors web accessibility compliance using both automated scanning tools and manual testing processes. 

   For assistance with web-related accessibility issues, contact the Web Accessibility Coordinator at

More information can be found in policy ITPOL-038