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Frequently asked for Questions for Schools

What is Canvas Catalog?

Canvas Catalog can be used by departments who wish to offer online educational courses to non-credit students who aren't enrolled in a degree-earning program. Current students may also register for courses in Canvas Catalog for continuing education or non-degree-related purposes but those courses will not be available on official or unofficial transcripts from UTHealth.

What information is needed to create a course in Canvas Catalog?

A course description should include course expectations, materials provided or required, and anything a student would need to know before registering for the course. A good course description includes a course summary, the type of content a student will find in the course, the type of assignments or exams a student will need to complete in the course, course completion requirements, any prerequisites, information about the program of which the course is a part, goals and benefits of the course, and a departmental contact who can answer any other questions about the course.  Once you have compiled this information, visit Request a Listing to get started.

Can I get assistance while developing a course?

Instructional design assistance is available for instructors through each school.  Reach out to your school’s Learning Management Advisory team for assistance.

What will students receive upon completion of a course?

Each course in Canvas Catalog must have completion criteria set within the modules in the course. Students who meet all of the completion criteria set for each of the course modules will be listed as having completed the course. If configured, students can download or print a certificate of completion that includes the student's name, date of completion, and the course name.  Default certificate options are offered by Catalog, but the LMS Admins can also help you customize your certificate. Contact for more information.

Can our department promote just our courses in Canvas Catalog?

Absolutely! Each department or unique organization that wants to list courses in Catalog has their own sub-catalog by default. For example, see the School of Biomedical Informatics Course Catalog.

Can discounts be offered to registrants?

Yes. Departments can request Promotion Codes which will discount course registration fees. A promotion code can be created for all listings in a department's catalog or just for specific courses.

How do I request a refund?

To request a student refund for a Canvas Catalog Course or Program, please complete the Catalog Refund Form and submit it to Treasury Management at UCT 901 or fax to 713-500-4995 for processing.