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Request a New Listing

How to request a new listing

The E-Learning team has been working diligently to streamline the Catalog listing request process and make it easier for instructors to request Catalog courses.  You can initiate your course request in TWO easy steps:

  1. Create your course in the Canvas Catalog LMS. Send an email to with the name of your course and who the course owner (instructor) will be, and we will set up the course shell and grant accounts to anyone that needs access to Catalog.

  2. Once your draft course is complete, reach out to the E-Learning Team to let us know. We will get in contact with you to review your course, talk about your timeline, and send you a single course request form to get the listing process started. This form lets the E-Learning team know that you’re ready to move forward with your Catalog course.

We’ll use the information you provide to guide your course through the Treasury and Accessibility review processes, and create your Catalog listing.

Questions? Contact for assistance.