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School Guidelines

Canvas Catalog can be used by UTHealth educators who wish to offer online courses for continuing education and certificate programs.  These courses are not part of any degree-earning program. Canvas Catalog cannot be used for online courses targeting currently enrolled UTHealth students.

Why Use Catalog?

Canvas Catalog can be used by departments who wish to offer online educational courses to non-credit students who aren't enrolled in a degree-earning program. Current students may also register for courses in Canvas Catalog for continuing education or non-degree-related purposes but those courses will not be available on official or unofficial transcripts from UTHealth.

Catalog Courses

Schools can request Catalog courses and programs online. A course description should include course expectations, materials provided or required, and anything a student would need to know before registering for the course. A good course description includes a course summary, the type of content a student will find in the course, the type of assignments or exams a student will need to complete in the course, course completion requirements, any prerequisites, information about the program of which the course is a part, goals and benefits of the course, and a departmental contact who can answer any other questions about the course.

Catalog Programs

A series of courses can be bundled together in Canvas Catalog to form a program.  A program allows students to register once but receive access to all courses within the program.  Courses can be registered for and taken independently of the program, and these will count toward program completion upon registering for a program. Schools can guide students to complete the various courses in the program sequentially or allow students to take the program's courses in any order.

Course / Program Certificates

Course certificates can be offered through Canvas Catalog. In order to offer a certificate, the Catalog course must have completion criteria set within the modules in the course. Students who meet all of the completion criteria set for each of the course modules will be listed as having completed the course. Upon completion, students can download or print a certificate of completion that includes the student’s name, date of completion, and the course name.

Discount or Promotion Codes

Schools can request the creation of discount or promotion codes which can be used for discounted registration fees on paid courses or programs. Generated codes can be enabled for all courses offered by a department or for specific courses or programs.