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Logo for UTHH Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences

  Satya Kolar, MD, PhD 713-500-7924
  Scott Harrison, MBA 713-500-7968
  Delanderia Anderson, MPA 713-500-7956
  Toya Butler 713-500-7912
  Kwai Wa Cheng, PhD 713-500-7902
  Tricia Hill-Thomas 713-500-7923
  Carolina Lema, PhD 713-500-7923
  Treasure Wilson, MA 713-500-3541
  Hannah Fischer (MD Anderson) 832-454-4475
  Laura Stevens 713-500-7918
Biomedical Informatics
  Fatima Ashraf 713-486-0119
Community Engagement
  Belinda Reininger, PhD 956-755-0600
  Maria Fernandez, PhD 713-500-9626
  Lorna McNeill, MPH, PhD 713-563-1103
  Erica Cantu 956-755-0630
Pilot and Collaborative Translational & Clinical Studies
  Susan Alderman, PhD, RN 713-500-9942
Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design
  Mohammad H. Rahbar, PhD 713-500-7901
Participant & Clinical Interaction Resources (PCIR or CRC)
  MHH Clinical Research Unit CRU  
  Kathy Franco, RN, BSN, CCRC 713-704-4147
  M D Anderson CRU
  Yagut Retondo
  Brownsville, TX, CRU
  Christina Villarreal 956-755-0637
  Center for Clinical Research at UTHSC-Tyler
  Debbie Fielder  903-877-7753
   LBJ Hospital (CRU)
  Kathy Franco, RN, BSN, CCRC 713-704-4147
  The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley CRU
   Rene Garza
Regulatory Knowledge & Support
  Sujatha Sridhar, MBBS, MCE 713-500-3622
Research Education Training & Career Development
  KL2 Program and MS in Clinical Research
  Lucia M. Hernandez 713-500-5651
  TL1 Program
  Jewel Elliott 713-500-9886
Team Science
  Eric Thomas, MD 713-500-7958
Integrating Special Populations
  Holly Holmes, MD 713-500-6628
  Lucia M. Hernandez 713-500-5651
Hispanics with Cancer         
  Joseph B. McCormick, MD 956-755-0605
  Susan P. Fisher-Hoch, MD  956-755-0635
  Vanessa Schick, PhD 713-500-9398
Liaisons to the Trial Innovation Network
  Susan Alderman, PhD 713-500-9942
Learning Healthcare System
  Lucia M. Hernandez 713-500-5651
  Hannah Fischer 832-454-4475