IT Security Core Team


The name of the organization is the Information Technology Security (ITS) Core Team, ITS Core for short.


ITS Core is created and given authority by the CISO and CIO in order to:

  1. Increase collaboration and communication among the different IT groups regarding information security matters.
  2. Oversee the institution’s overall security posture and make university-wide recommendations in support of improving it.
  3. Review and decide on security policy exemption appeals.


Voting Members:

  1. Beverly Y. Moore (chair) - CISO.
  2. Amar Yousif – CIO.
  3. Bassel Choucair – IT User Support.
  4. Cynthia Bihm – School of Public Health (SPH).
  5. Derek Drawhorn – IT Infrastructure.
  6. Dr. James Griffiths – Healthcare IT.
  7. Connie Wooldridge – Administrative and Academic Technologies.
  8. JR Ramirez – IT Security.
  9. David Ha – School of Biomedical Informatics (SBMI).
  10. Michael Valladolid – Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS).
  11. Jennifer Canup – University Web Services
  12. Mark Jones – Academic Technology


Non-voting members:

  1. Tony Murry – DCOS
  2. Richard Anselme – IT Security
  3. Salman Khan – IT Security
  4. David A Posado – Admin Tech
  5. Elias Rivera – IT Security
  6. Karl Bernard – IT Security
  7. Eric Corbello – DCOS
  8. Kathryn Evans – IT Security
  9. Kingsley Odeh – IT Security
  10. William Murphy – Communications Technology
  11. Nermin Suljic – MSIT
  12. Bonnie McDonough – MSIT
  13. Richard Kosiba – Administrative Technology
  14. Benjamin Graham – DCOS
  15. Erin Adkins - SPH


Section 1. Eligibility for Membership

  1. Members must be fulltime or contract-to-hire employees of UTHealth or UTP.
  2. Non-voting membership is by appointment of the chairs.
  3. Voting membership is by proposal of the chairs and then supermajority vote.
  4. The chairs can revoke non-voting membership.
  5. Revocation of voting membership is by proposal of the chairs and supermajority vote.
  6. Chairmanship and membership of the chairs are non-revocable so long as they continue to hold the CISO and CIO positions.  

Section 2. Rights of Members

  1. All members shall be eligible to participate in ITS Core meetings and discussions.
  2. Voting members shall be eligible to cast one vote or appoint one voting representative to cast the member’s vote.
  3. All members can propose agenda items to the chairs and chairs shall set the agenda.


Section 1. Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the members shall be held monthly, at a time and place designated by the chairs.

Section 2. Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the chairs or a supermajority of voting members.

Section 3. Quorum

A quorum of at least seven voting members shall be required to take a vote.

Section 4. Voting

All issues to be voted on shall be decided by a supermajority of those voting members present at the meeting in which the vote takes place.

Section 5. Majority and Supermajority

  1. Majority is half or higher of the voting body.
  2. Supermajority is two thirds or higher of the voting body.

Section 6. Confidentiality

Members shall not discuss or disclose classified or protected information about the ITS Core business to any person or entity unless such information is already a matter of public knowledge, such person or entity has a need to know, or the disclosure of such information is in furtherance of ITS Core’s purposes, or can reasonably be expected to benefit the ITS Core team mission.