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For Inventors

The Office of Technology Management (OTM) serves the University’s faculty, students, and staff in the technology transfer and commercialization processes of new discoveries.

This section provides information, instructions, forms, and additional resources to help you work with OTM in technology commercialization. In addition, you may find it helpful to visit our FAQ Page, which provides answers to common questions about OTM and technology commercialization. You may also Contact Us to help answer any questions.

The General Process at OTM


Report of a new technology or discovery to OTM should occur when a creator believes he/she has a new discovery, creation, software, and/or invention before a public disclosure. This report is completed by the filling out, signing and sending to OTM one of 4 technology report forms, as appropriate:

     i) Technology Report Form: Patents (for something that might be patentable);
     ii) Technology Report Form: Software
     iii) Technology Report Form: Research Material ; and/or
     iv) Technology Report Form: Copyright

The type of form (or multiple forms) used to report the new intellectual property to OTM depends on the nature of the technology being reported. 

Benefits of Working with OTM 

There are a wide range of benefits when University technologies are successfully developed and commercialized. The public benefits through job creation, as well as through the availability of innovative and life-saving products and services. The University, its researchers, and its students all benefit from commercialization revenue, where such revenue is directly shared both on a personal level as well as through critical funding for other academic programs.

OTM has a history of successfully licensing and commercializing University technologies, and has consistently ranked among the top universities in licensing income. Over the last 10 years, OTM has brought in millions of dollars in licensing income to the University.

For more information or to report your invention, please see:

Forms and Instructions