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Postdoctoral Research Fellow Appointment Processing

All Postdoctoral Research Fellow (PRF) appointments, status changes, and extensions are processed through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA).

Pre-approval is required for all new PRF appointments. Prior to sending the candidate an offer letter, forward the following information to before an offer letter can be extended:

  1. Candidate's CV
  2. Name of PI
  3. Source of Funding

Useful Definitions

Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
A Postdoctoral Research Fellow (PRF) is an individual who holds a PhD, MD, other terminal doctorate, or equivalent degree and who is selected to receive advanced research training under the guidance of a mentor holding a primary faculty appointment at the University.  PRFs are not observers or volunteers (see HOOP Policy 125 Observers and HOOP Policy 159 Volunteers).
Job Title
The job title “Postdoctoral Research Fellow” is to be assigned for all appointments meeting the definition above. 
Job Codes
The job code for PRFs paid through UTHealth Houston payroll is 0990. The job code for PRFs paid through external sources (e.g. home country / institution) is 0990SP. "Predoctoral Fellows" who have completed all course work at a U.S institution and are only pending defense may be eligible for appointments through this office using the job code 0324. Contact the OPA for details.
PRF positions are temporary, usually for a duration of six years or less. PRF appointments are generally restricted to those who have received a terminal degree within the past seven years.

Departments/mentors are encouraged to follow current NIH/NRSA stipend guidelines for years of postdoctoral experience. The minimum salary must meet the career level for zero years of experience regardless of the source of funding. For questions regarding salaries and salary adjustments for PRFs, contact the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

Complete application packet requirements and detailed instruction tabs:

  1. Copy of approved Offer Letter
  2. Appointment Letter
  3. CV
  4. Diploma
  5. Credential Evaluation if applicable

Additional Resources 

For help with the F1-OPT I-983 form, visit the International Postdoc page. 

To post a Postdoc ad on our website, download and fill out the PDF template below and e-mail it to

Postdoc Ad Template Form

Appointment Letters

  • Appointment Letters

    Appointment Letters

  • Current CV

    A Current Curriculum Vitae

    The CV must be current and indicate the date the doctoral/terminal degree was granted. Note: If the appointment is being filed prior to the granting of the terminal degree, provide an official statement from the institution confirming the anticipated date of completion.

  • Credentialing

    Copy of Diploma and Credential Evaluation Requirement

    1. If the applicant’s terminal degree was earned from an institution within the U.S., a copy of the diploma is required.
    2. If the applicant’s terminal degree was earned from an institution outside the U.S.:
      1. A copy of the diploma with an English translation, if necessary, is required.
      2. A certified credentials evaluation is required. Information on credentialing can be found on the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.
        • An evaluation conducted by an accredited foreign education evaluation agency must be provided for all education credentials obtained outside of the United States that are used to meet minimum education requirement for the postdoctoral position being considered.  
        • A general evaluation of the terminal doctoral degree must be confirmed. A course by course evaluation is not required.
        • UTHealth does not endorse any specific credentialing agency. 

Submit your approval packet containing the documents listed above and all required visa documents to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs electronically as a single PDF to Department contact name and phone number must accompany all approval packets. It is suggested that you contact The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs prior to submitting documents.