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The Postdoctoral Certificate Training Program

It is the goal of UTHealth to attract first-rate researchers and provide them with an outstanding Postdoctoral training experience. The Postdoctoral Certificate Program serves to augment laboratory training to better prepare UTHealth Postdoctoral Fellows for their future endeavors in science. Each semester Postdoctoral Fellows will enroll in courses though the Registrar’s Office. To obtain a certificate of completion for this program, you will need to complete 4 required classes and 1 elective:

Required Classes:

  • First-year participants are required to take the following (Note: these classes are prerequisites for the 2nd year courses): 
    • Responsible Conduct in Research - Fall Semester - The class covers the required topics mandated by many funding agencies (NIH, NSF, etc.) and is strongly recommended for our new participants. Although the course will be web-based this year, it will still be interactive and case-study based. This class meets on Thursday at 12-1 pm. 
    • Career Development - Spring Semester - Topics include Teaching in Academia, Interviewing Skills, and Navigating your career. This class meets on Thursday at 12-1 pm. 

  • Second-year participants are required to take:
    • Presentation Skills - Fall Semester
    • Teaching Skills - Spring Semester


  • Data analysis using Python or R (offered year-round depending on instructor availability).
  • Neurobiology of Disease- Topics for this course change every year. Please note attendance is required and monitored by the course instructors and not by the OPA. Pass/fail grades will be based on attendance. This course is offered through our medical and graduate school. More details for this semester's course HERE and check out the course schedule below. 
  • Online courses including Management Skills, Mentoring Skills, Professional Skills Development and Job Search Skills Training. 
  • Elective courses offered by UTHealth schools to acquire more specialized knowledge or fulfill any training grant requirements.
  • Seminar Series - Receive credit for attending any department seminar series. This option is allowed one time in the first two years of the Program and requires proof of attendance by the Department.
  • Supervised Research - Receive credit for the work you do on a daily basis. This is option is available once in the first two years of the Program.

Each Postdoctoral Fellow can take up to 3 SCH per semester. Each class is worth 1 SCH and Supervised Research is 2 SCH. Postdoctoral Fellows are alternatively permitted to select any elective course from the UT System catalog to acquire more specialized knowledge or skills. To take these courses, contact to discuss registration. Due to COVID-19, registration for these electives this semester is limited. 

Application Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: The application form is not available online. You must receive it directly from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

To obtain an application you can call or e-mail Leslie Beckman at (713) 500-6612 ( or Yasmin Chebaro ( The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is located on the 2nd floor of the Medical School Extension, MSE R256. The Office is happy to assist you in anyway in completing all the required forms.

Course Curriculum - Basic Track & Advanced Track

Course Curriculum - Basic Track & Advanced Track