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The Postdoctoral Certificate Training Program

The nationally-recognized Postdoctoral Certificate Training Program at UTHealth has continued the professional training of hundreds of postdocs to prepare them for their future endeavors in science. The program consists of four core classes: Responsible Conduct in Research, Career Development, Presentation Skills, and Teaching Skills. Courses vary in platforms from in-person classroom/virtual settings to self-paced online learning. Postdocs also have the option of taking a host of elective courses offered in our six UTHealth schools.

The program consists of three tracks:

Track 1- Essentials

Career Development* (Spring)

Responsible Conduct in Research*(Fall)

2 Electives

Track 2- Skill Development

Teaching Skills* (Spring)

Presentation Skills* (Fall)

2 Electives

Track 3- Specialized Training

4 Electives

*Required Courses 

Application Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: The application form is not available online. You must receive it directly from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

To obtain an application you can call or e-mail Leslie Beckman at (713) 500-6612 ( or Yasmin Chebaro ( The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is located on the 2nd floor of the Medical School Extension, MSE R256. The Office is happy to assist you in anyway in completing all the required forms.

Course Curriculum

  1. Teaching Skills - Spring 2021
  2. Career Development - Spring 2021
  3. Presentation Skills - Fall 2020
  4. Responsible Conduct in Research - Fall 2020

Course Curriculum