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Sandeep Kumar Bansal, PhD

Sandeep Kumar Bansal, PhD


I did my Masters in Biotechnology at Goa University, Goa and graduated from CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow, India in 2018 with a PhD in Biosciences. Subsequently, I joined UTHealth as a postdoctoral fellow to learn genomics techniques. In my current role, I am engaged in learning current methods and developing new techniques in genomics using various cell culture systems.


PhD, CSIR-CDRI, India, 2018

Research Description

Presently, I am working on regulation of translation under stress using various genomics techniques. Also, we are developing new methods to estimate changes in translation upon stress response. When cells are incubated under stress, lots of changes occur in translation during this time. However, to identify these changes are somewhat difficult as these are very minute changes and there are limitations of current bioinformatics methods. Therefore, we are establishing new methods to identify this minute changes.