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Ayan Chatterjee, PhD

Ayan Chatterjee, PhD


Dr. Ayan Chatterjee was born in Kolkata which is one of the biggest metro cities of eastern India. After doing his BS and MS in Biotechnology, he did his PhD from Bose Institute, Kolkata. After completing his PhD, he joined Texas Biomedical Research Institute as a Postdoc. His research so far has been to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms of latency and resuscitation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. During his free time, Dr. Chatterjee likes playing Tennis and Cricket. He also loves interacting with various communities and understanding different cultures.


Previous Postdoc Position: Texas Biomedical Research Institute

PhD, Bose Institute, Calcutta University, 2020

BS Biotechnology

MS Biotechnology


Danielle Garsin, PhD

Research Description

Certain bacteria have been shown to utilize ethanolamine (EA) as a source of carbon and nitrogen. They do so by specific transcriptional regulation orchestrated by a Two-Component System EutWV. . Since the by-products of EA catabolism are toxic to the bacterial cell, they are carefully carried out inside a special protein-bound microcompartment within the cells which are known as bacterial microcompartment (BMC). Dr. Chatterjee is using Listeria as a model organism to understand the assembly and dynamics of BMC during ethanolamine metabolism within the host cells.