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UTHealth Alert


What should I do when I get an alert?

Follow the directions communicated in the alert.

How do I sign up?

To receive UTHealth Alert emergency text messages:

  • UTHealth students are automatically enrolled in UTHealth Alert at the time of their enrollment with the university and can opt out through
  • UTHealth faculty and staff must enter or update their cellphone number in Employee Self Service (ESS).
  • Residents and clinical fellows must enroll through GMEIS.
  • Official university guests or members of the public can sign up for UTHealth Alert through Everbridge.

For step-by-step directions on how to sign up, please visit the UTHealth Alert website and select the “Enroll” tab.

Will UTHealth Alert cost me anything?

Charges for receiving text messages will depend on your wireless provider and plan. Please contact your wireless provider for more information.

Does UTHealth Alert support all cellphone networks?

Yes. All cellphone networks and carriers are supported by UTHealth Alert.

Can I change my mobile phone number if I get a new number?

Yes. You can update your number through the same process you used to initially sigh up for UTHealth Alert. These systems are synchronized with UTHealth Alert every 24 hours.

Instructions for updating your cellphone number are provided on the UTHealth Alert website under the “Enroll” tab.

Do I need to install software on my phone to receive UTHealth ALERT messages?

No. However, your cellphone must be able to accept text messages. If you do not receive the confirmation test message on the date(s) specified, please email UTHealth

Who sends out the alert?

In most cases, UT Police will initiate a UTHealth Alert. In an imminent weather emergency, hazardous material release, or if the university status changes from “open and operational” UTHealth Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management will initiate the alert.

Will we get a test message?

Yes, UTHealth tests the UTHealth Alert system twice each year.

How do I know the difference between a test text and a real message?

Test text messages will be clearly labeled as a test.

What if I don’t receive the test text message?

First, confirm with your cellphone provider that you indeed have texting capability. Next, confirm your contact information in the appropriate information system (Employee Self Service, myUTH, etc.)

If all information seems to be correct and verified, contact

I do not have text on my phone. Why can’t I receive a call or email?

UTHealth Alert uses texting, as it is the most expedient method to alert the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time. In addition to the UTHealth Alert texting process, the university uses email, the university emergency website, social media and more to inform our community.

Where will I be able to get more information during an emergency?

As more information is available, the UTHealth emergency website will be updated and the information will be shared via email, social media and other communication vehicles, as appropriate.

If I provide my cellphone information, will that information be subject to open records requests?

Once UTHealth has information, it is subject to possible disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act.

State law, however, allows employees to make an election to keep certain information, including personal mobile telephone numbers, private. Employees may view their current election in Employee Self Service and may change their election by submitting the Public Access Option Form to Human Resources.

Similarly, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act provides a method for students to elect to keep directory information, which the University has defined to include telephone numbers, private. Students may file an objection to the release of directory information with the Office of the Registrar through the Student Privacy Notice.

I have a UTHealth guest account. How do I provide my cellphone number to the UTHealth Alert system?

For new guests, cellphone number will be entered into the guest system as part of the initial guest account setup. For more information, visit the Enroll section for detailed instructions.

I am a UTHealth resident. How do I provide my cellphone number to the UTHealth Alert system?

For new residents, your cellphone number is already collected as part of the resident on-boarding process. For more information, visit the Enroll section for detailed instructions.

I have limited cellphone reception in the UTHealth building where I work, how will I be alerted of an imminent threat?

In addition to the UTHealth Alert texting process, the university will continue to share information via email, UTHealth emergency website, social media and other communication vehicles, as appropriate.


For additional questions, please email or contact UTHealth Office of Environmental Health & Safety at 713-500-8100.