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Animal Research at UTHealth

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) recognizes the importance of animals in research and the scientific and ethical responsibility for their humane care and use. All those involved with the use of laboratory animals are responsible for insuring the health and well-being of the animals used in research and education at UTHealth.

The Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) is responsible for overseeing the provisions for the care and well-being of animals used for research and educational purposes at UTHealth and serves the public by ensuring compliance with all legal and ethical standards regarding the use of vertebrate animals in research and teaching at UTHealth. Please submit all requests for review through the online protocol system iRIS.

The Center for Laboratory Animal Medicine and Care (CLAMC) is responsible for the health and well being of laboratory animals used for UTHealth's biomedical research programs. CLAMC provides professional veterinary, surgical and animal care services, and its staff includes veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and multiple animal care and support personnel. CLAMC also provides training on the care and use of animals for faculty, staff and trainees.

UTHealth Animal Welfare Committee


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The Center for Laboratory Animal Medicine and Care

713-500-7728 main line (24 Hours)

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