Animal Research at UTHealth

Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

Good Laboratory Animal Care and Good Science Go Hand and Hand

To report all animal welfare concerns confidentially and without discrimination or fear of reprisal, please contact one of the following:

George M. Stancel, PhD
Executive VP of Academic and Research Affairs
Institutional Official, UTH Animal Care and Use Program
713.500.3082 or
Meredith L. Moore, PhD
Assistant Director, IACUC Office
713.500.3545 or
Catherine G. Ambrose, PhD
Chairperson, Animal Welfare Committee
713.500.7007 or
Diane Bick, PhD 
Vice Chairperson, Animal Welfare Committee

Mary Robinson, DVM
Institutional Veterinarian
Executive Director, CLAMC
713.500.7541 or 
Chris S. Smith, DVM
AWC Veterinarian
Director, CLAMC
713.500.7732 or

COMPLIANCE HOTLINE  1-888-472-9868

Anonymous reports accepted 24 hours a day