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Occupational Health Program for Personnel with Animal Exposure

The purpose of the Occupational Health Program for Personnel with Animal Exposure is to prevent occupational injury and illness while promoting health among individuals at UTHealth who may have occupational exposure to animals in the Center for Laboratory Animal Medicine and Care or other research facilities or laboratories operated by UTHealth.

The Animal Occupational Health Policy applies to all designated visitors, observers, students, faculty, and staff who work at UTHealth or University managed facilities. Enrollment in the occupational health program is available and encouraged for all individuals 1) working within the University facilities which house animals; 2) having direct contact with animals; 3) having direct contact with non-sanitized animal cages or enclosures; 4) having direct contact with non-fixed or non-sterilized animal tissues, fluids, and/or wastes; or 5) providing service or support to animal equipment, devices, and/or facilities.

All personnel who meet the criteria noted above must review the document, ”Occupational Health for Individuals Exposed to Animals in Their Work and Studies” in order to become aware of potential risks in animal-related work. After review of the document:

[Send to or inter-office mail to 6410 Fannin Suite 100]

[Send  by inter-office mail to 6410 Fannin Suite 100, or fax to 713-486-0983]

Questions? Please visit the UT Health Services – Occupational Health website or call 713-500-3254.