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Facility Inspections

The IACUC (Animal Welfare Committee) is required by federal law (Animal Welfare Act), the Guide, and NIH Policy to conduct a semi-annual program review and inspection of animal facilities every six months. The inspections are conducted by a subcommittee of voting members of the Animal Welfare Committee and representatives from the environmental, health and safety office.

Semi-Annual Inspections:

Facility inspections will be conducted March 1- April 30 and September 1- October 31.   CLAMC resources as well as laboratories where significant animal manipulations occur will be inspected.  The AWC office will notify laboratory Principal Investigators about one week prior to the scheduled surgery interview or satellite laboratory visit.   

Facilities Inspected:

Medical School Building, Medical School Extension, The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine for the Prevention of Human Diseases, Behavioral and Biomedical Sciences Building, University Center Tower and the Denton A. Cooley Building.

Learn How to Prepare for Inspection:

The Animal Laboratory Self-Assessment can assist you in identifying and mediating any deficiencies at any time, including prior to the AWC semi-annual inspection.

Questions? Please contact the AWC Office 713-500-3625