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Auditing & Advisory Services

Audit Committee


The Audit Committee serves to ensure internal audit activities comply with the University of Texas System policies.  The Committee is responsible for ensuring internal audit coverage for UTHealth encompasses the full breadth of operations; the executive management of UTHealth is aware of the audit activities and findings; the scope of audits or dissemination of information from such audits is not inhibited by any one individual; and the audit function is carried out with the highest attainable level of efficiency and professionalism.

Membership consists of the following individuals.  The committee chair is appointed by the UTHealth president.

Permanent Membership

Dr. Giuseppe Colasurdo President – UTHealth
Kevin Dillon Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer – UTHealth
Dr. Latanya Love Executive Vice President, Student Affairs & Diversity and Dean of Education, McGovern Medical School - UTHealth
Dr. John Hancock Senior Vice President of Research Strategy and Innovation and Executive Dean, McGovern Medical School - UTHealth
Dr. Jagat Narula Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer - UTHealth
Andrew Casas Senior Vice President, UTHealth and Chief Operating Officer, Practice Plan
Michael Tramonte Senior Vice President, Finance & Business Services and Chief Financial Officer– UTHealth
Melissa Pifko, J.D. Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer - UTHealth
Amar Yousif Vice President and Chief Information Officer – UTHealth
Eric Fernette Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer - UTHealth
Karen Spillar, J.D. Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management and Chief Compliance Officer - UTHealth
Richard Anselme Chief Information Security Officer ad interim – UTHealth

External Membership

The external membership of the audit committee consists of three individuals appointed by the UTHealth president with staggered two-year terms. These terms start with the beginning of the fiscal year.

NameTitleTerm BeginsTerm Ends
Robert George (Chair, UTHealth Audit Committee) Retired Partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC, Faculty, McCombs Graduate School of Accounting - UT Austin September 2018 August 2024
Ben Melson Retired Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center September 2018 August 2025
John Sperry Retired Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Kelsey-Seybold September 2018 August 2024
Dr. Joe Bridges President, Bridges Family Petroleum, Inc. February 2019 August 2024

MSRDP and DSRDP Members

Dr. Richard Andrassy MSRDP Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs and Strategy - McGovern Medical School - UTHealth
Dr. John A. Valenza DSRDP Vice Chair – Board of Directors, Dean – School of Dentistry - UTHealth