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Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually add value to the performance of UTHealth Houston in its mission to advance the health of the people of the State of Texas, the nation, and our global community through educating compassionate health professionals and innovative scientists and through discovering and translating advances in the social and biomedical sciences that treat, cure, and prevent disease now and in the future.

We achieve our mission by:

  • Educating clients to effectively control risks.
  • Performing reviews of internal control systems to provide our clients with independent assurance that such control systems – which are designed to help UTHealth Houston achieve its goals – are functioning properly.
  • Providing our clients with timely, reliable and practical information, to assist them in improving the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of their operations.
  • Protecting UTHealth Houston assets, by recovering funds from overcharged costs or misplaced revenues, identifying areas where future funds may be at risk, and recommending ways to secure them.
  • Developing and maintaining a “learning organization”, with a group of skilled and motivated individuals to provide high quality service today, and prepared to assume other responsibilities within UTHealth Houston tomorrow.