ITGC Administrative Subcommittee


Coordinate information technology activities among the schools and administrative technology to:

to improve efficiency and reduce costs to UTHealth as appropriate.



The Administrative Technology Subcommittee derives its authority from the Information Technology Governance Committee.



Subcommittee Members

Optional/By Invitation

Each school should be represented by their associate/assistant dean for management

Other Attendees

Since the range of applications across UTHealth is so large it is expected that subject matter experts will regularly be invited to participate in meetings as appropriate to understand and discuss the topics.

Term of Membership:

There are no fixed terms.  The memberships will be reviewed annually by the Co-Chairmen.


The Administrative Technology Subcommittee will meet at least quarterly. Any of the members may call a special meeting at any time. Scheduling the time, date and place of the Subcommittee meetings shall be the responsibility of the Co-Chairmen of the Subcommittee. The Co-Chairmen shall also be responsible for the minutes of the meetings. Meeting minutes will be maintained in the Office of the Chief Information Officer.


The purpose of the Administrative Technology Subcommittee is to coordinate information technology activities among the schools and administrative technology to:

To accomplish this task it is expected that members will:

The subcommittee will not focus on departmental concerns or day-to-day operations.  The subcommittee is not a project steering team.

The subcommittee will help define the strategic direction of administrative technology across all areas of UTHealth.  In doing so, it must:

The subcommittee may also review and adopt policies for the application of administrative information technology on an institution-wide basis.

Date modified: 11/11/2020