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ITGC Administrative Subcommittee


To coordinate information technology activities among the schools and administrative technology to share technology, applications, tools and techniques; promote common approaches and prioritize needs, and to improve efficiency and reduce costs to UTHealth Houston as appropriate.


  • Administrative systems: systems used to manage, monitor or report on the mission areas of the university and on administration itself;
  • Production level systems;
  • Systems that represent themselves as systems of record for the university or school;
  • Systems that extract data from, or feed data to, other administrative systems as defined here.


The Administrative Technology Subcommittee derives its authority from the Information Technology Governance Committee.


  • Mike Tramonte, MBA, CPA
    Senior Vice President, Finance and Business Services and Chief Financial Officer
  • Amar Yousif, MBA
    Vice President and Chief Information Officer



  • Kevin A. Morano, PhD
    Senior Vice President, Academic and Faculty Affairs
  • Karen Spillar
    Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Connie Wooldridge
    Executive Director, Administrative Technology

Optional/By Invitation

  • Wes Stewart, MBA, MS, CEFP, FMP, PMP
    Vice President, Facilities, Planning, Engineering, and Auxiliary Enterprises
  • Robert Emery, DrPH, CHP, CIH, CSP, CBSP, CHMM, CPP, ARM
    Vice President, Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management
  • Meredith Raine
    Assistant Vice President, Public Affairs
  • Raymond Gerwitz
    Associate Vice President, Deputy Chief Security Officer, UT Police at Houston


Each school should be represented by their associate/assistant dean for management

  • Ryan Bien, MHA
    McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics at UTHealth Houston
  • Cynthia Bihm, MBA
    UTHealth Houston School of Public Health
  • Karen Weinberg
    MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Houston Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • Kevin Burnett
    Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth Houston 
  • Andrew Casas
    Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer UT Physicians
  • Daniel Doyle
    Chief Operating Officer – UTHealth Houston Behavioral Sciences Campus
  • Cynthia Huehlefeld
    Executive Director, Business Operations  UT Physicians
  • Nancy McNiel, PhD
    McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston 
  • Joe Morrow
    UTHealth Houston School of Dentistry
  • Lois Pierson
    Chief Financial Officer – UTHealth Houston Behavioral Sciences Campus

Other Attendees

Since the range of applications across UTHealth is so large, it is expected that subject matter experts will regularly be invited to participate in meetings as appropriate to understand and discuss the topics.

Term of Membership

There are no fixed terms.  The memberships will be reviewed annually by the Co-Chairmen.


The Administrative Technology Subcommittee will meet at least quarterly. Any of the members may call a special meeting at any time. Scheduling the time, date and place of the Subcommittee meetings shall be the responsibility of the Co-Chairmen. The Co-Chairmen shall also be responsible for the minutes, and meeting minutes will be maintained in the Office of the Chief Information Officer.


The purpose of the Administrative Technology Subcommittee is to coordinate information technology activities among the schools and administrative technology to:

  • Share technology, applications, tools and techniques,
  • Promote common approaches and
  • Prioritize needs to improve efficiency and reduce costs to UTHealth as appropriate.

To accomplish this task it is expected that members will:

  • Have the authority to represent the interests of their constituency with consideration for UTHealth as a whole.
  • Share information with the subcommittee on current and future capabilities and needs for administrative technology as defined above.
  • Seek commonality where possible to promote resource sharing.
  • Anticipate future needs to allow time for collaboration.
  • Accept that some administrative technology can best serve the needs of UTHealth by being centralized while other administrative technology can best serve the needs of UTHealth by being decentralized.
  • Share deliberations of the subcommittee with their constituency.

The Subcommittee will not focus on departmental concerns or day-to-day operations, and the Subcommittee is not a project steering team.

The Subcommittee will help define the strategic direction of administrative technology across all areas of UTHealth Houston. In doing so, it must:

  • identify and evaluate opportunities for the application of technology to administrative functions of the university,
  • recommend priorities based on the requirements and resources of the UTHealth Houston and
  • recommend the allocation of resources in accordance with university priorities.

The Subcommittee may also review and adopt policies for the application of administrative information technology on an institution-wide basis.

Date modified: 05/10/2024