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Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management

Safety Council


The Safety Council reports to the Executive Council to provide guidance and recommendations on safety, health and security matters. The council's charge is to:

•Identify safety needs for the institution and develop plans to implement activities that ensure that those needs are met. 

•Prescribe the collection of appropriate indicator data to measure outcomes of various UTHealth safety efforts.

•Discuss and resolve issues where gaps in safety or emergency preparedness may arise or persist.

•Provide reports, advice and recommendations to the Executive Council for consideration and action.


One member from Animal Care 
One member from Auxiliary Enterprises 
One member from Facilities Planning & Engineering 
One member from Harris County Psychiatric Center 
One member from Legal Affairs & Risk Management 
One member from Medical School Health Services (student and resident health care) 
One member from UT Employee Health 
One member from UT Police 
One member from each school 
One student member 
Others deemed appropriate and appointed by the President 

Ex Officio Members 

Chair, Chemical Safety Committee 
Chair, Institutional Biosafety Committee 
Chair, Radiation Safety Committee 
Chief Operating Officer designated representative 
Compliance Officer 
Vice President for Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Director, Environmental Health and Safety 

Term of Membership

Staggered three-year terms with one term expiring each year.

2015-2016 Membership Roster 

Chair: Dr. Ted Pate, Faculty School of Dentistry
Vice Chair: Dr. Richard Bradley, Faculty, Medical School

Terms Expire August 31, 2016

Ms. Susan Parnell, Staff, UT Employee Health
Ms. Karen Hayes, Staff, Employee Health
Ms. Karen Kaplan, Assistant Vice President, Public Affairs
Dr. Gary Kesling, Executive Director, EAP
Ms. Joonhyun Ahn, Student, School of Public Health
Ms. Cheryl Spitzenberger, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Ms. Melissa Resnick, Student InterCouncil Representative

Terms Expire August 31, 2017

Ms. Jameson Greaver, Staff, Animal Care Center
Mr. Earl Campbell, Staff, Auxiliary Enterprises
Ms. Cynthia Quinones, Staff, Harris County Psychiatric Center
Mr. Ryan Bien, Staff, School of Biomedical Informatics
Dr. George Delclos, Faculty, School of Public Health, Employee Health Medical Director
Ms. Julie Van Orden, Staff, Wellness
Mrs. Tracy Fry-Longoria, Director of Project Management, UT Physicians

Terms Expire August 31, 2018

Ms. Mary Ann Adkisson, School of Dentistry
Dr. Richard Bradley (Vice Chair) Medical School
Ms. Claire Brunson, Medical School
Dr. Latanya Love, Student Health
Dr. Ted Pate (Chair) School of Dentistry
Dr. Stacey Drake, School of Nursing

Ex Officio Members

Dr. Donald Molony, Chair, Chemical Safety Committee
Dr. Roger Janz, Chair Institutional Biosafety Committee
Dr. Andrew Bean, Chair, Radiation Safety Committee
Mr. Richard McDermott, Vice President for  Facilities, Planning and Engineering and Chief Operating Officer’s Designated Representative
Ms. Arlene Staller, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
Dr. Robert Emery, Vice President for Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
Dr. Scott Patlovich, Director, Environmental Health & Safety
Dr. William LeMaistre, Assistant Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, A&P

Meeting Location: 

OCB Longhorn Room

Meeting Frequency: 

Six meetings per year, alternating months

Meeting Agenda:

Contact EH&S at 713 500 8100 for information on current meeting agenda items

Meeting minutes:

Some topics discussed within university health science center safety committees meet the definition of a “medical committee” as defined under the Texas Health and Safety Code Title 2, Subtitle H Chapter 161, Subchapter D Sec. 161.031, and as such, the meeting minutes are confidential (Sec. 161.032).